Abundant Gemstone

2016-09-20 ONEGEMSTONE 5001

ONE GEMSTONE | Chinese Leading Manufacturer of Gemstone.Various material, shapes, colors and sizes gemstones for your jewelry.

Material: cubic zrconia, glass gems, spinel, ruby, sapphire, nano etc.

Shape: round, oval, pear, heart, square, marquise, rectangle, triangle, trillion and fancy cut etc.

Sizes: from 0.8mm to 30mm. Large can be customized.

Color: 43 different colors of cubic zirconia, 15 different colors of spinel, 12 different colors of corundum, handreds of glass gems colors.

You can have a broad choice here!

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One Gemstone is a team full of positive energy and experience. We offer the most cost-efficient stones and the newest market news for customers. Our mission is to help customers to find the suitable quality stones with the best prices. To help customers to expand business is our work. ONE GEMSTONE, ONE FOR YOU!